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A Basic Outline and Guide to Understanding and Using 'Camera RAW'

Clive R. Haynes FRPS


This basic guide to using Photoshop CS Camera RAW is divided into sections
You may wish to read through section-by-section or go straight to the part you need.

To help, I list the section headings below - each is a 'link'

Introduction - Overview and Advantage - including '8 bit' / '16 bit' options

RAW Histogram & Exposure Control

Coping with an Incorrectly Exposed Image

Revealing the 'Highlight (White) Clipping' and 'Shadow (Black) Clipping 'Areas

Adjusting White Balance - Colour Cast Correction

Adjusting White Balance by Choosing 'White Point'

Compensating for Lens Chromatic Aberration

Vignetting Control


Reducing Noise


Applying a 'RAW' Setting to Other Similar Images

Problem? Can't Open Pictures in Camera RAW?

Please note image sizes are fairly large to preserve detail, download times may therefore be slow.
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