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A Basic Outline and Guide to Understanding and Using 'Camera RAW'

Clive R. Haynes FRPS

Applying a 'RAW' Setting to Other Similar Images
Please note image sizes are fairly large to preserve detail, download times may therefore be slow.

One very important aspect about working with the Camera RAW File Browser in Photoshop is the ability to apply the changes made to one image to other selected images in the Browser View.

Let's look at an example:
I took a series of pictures at a fish counter in a local supermarket. I used 'available light' which was a mixture of fluorescent strip and tungsten. I shot the pictures using the RAW setting on the camera and the camera was set to 'Auto White Balance' mode (not that in 'RAW' this was really going to affect anything).
I made certain that I would take one shot that included a 'reference white' under the same lighting conditions - a counter 'display card' proved useful for this - see below.

Viewing the images in the Camera RAW Browser I opened the image with the 'reference white' included. As described in an earlier section (about 'White Balance using Camera RAW'), I used the Eyedropper' tool in Camera RAW to click on the 'reference white' (Eyedropper circled in red below and it was in this area I sampled the 'white'). The white balance of the image immediately changed and looked more natural.

Next I opened the image to make certain all was well. All OK, so I closed this image '(whether you choose to 'save the image or not doesn't matter).

For the purposes of this demonstration, I wished to make the same change to the following three images in the browser. To apply this change to all three, I clicked on the one that had been changed thus highlighting it, then holding down the Shift Key, I clicked on the final image of this small group and this highlighted them all. See below:
Should you wish to apply the change to images are not contiguous (that is they are not 'next door to each other'), then use the Ctrl Key instead of the Shift Key. With the Crtl Key held down, click on the images you wish to choose. Ctrl clicking an already selected (highlighted) image will deselect it.

To apply the changes made to the first image to the whole set selected, this is what you do:
In the File Broswer Window, go to the browser menu section towards to top left corner of the browser window.
Click 'Automate', then choose 'Apply Camera RAW Settings'. This brings up the 'Apply Camera RAW Settings' dialogue box.
As you will see, you can be selective about what settings you choose to apply by 'ticking' / 'unticking' the boxes.
In this instance, I left all 'ticked'
Next, go to 'Settings' > First Selected Image' and click the 'Update' button.
See 'screen grab' below.


The changes made to the first image will then be applied to the ones highlighted in the browser, see below:
That's it, job done.
An alternative method of working is to apply a change just made on one image to another image - to do this, choose 'Previous Conversion' from the RAW Settings drop-down list. In this way changes may be applied one at a time, image by image. See below.....
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