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A Basic Outline and Guide to Understanding and Using 'Camera RAW'

Clive R. Haynes FRPS

Reducing Noise

These are brief topics and can be dealt with on a single page


Sharpening can be carried out in Camera RAW, however, in my view, sharpening is best left until 'more informed decisions' can be made within the main Photoshop program.

Usually one sharpens at the end of the image management process.

Camera RAW however can be set to show sharpening of the Preview Image only - this is a useful feature as it will give some indication about how the image will appear when finally sharpened.

To use sharpening in 'Preview Only' mode
Go to the fly-out arrow to the RH side of 'Settings' and from the menu presented choose 'Preferences'.

From The 'Preferences dialogue box, use the drop down menu to choose 'Preview Images Only'.

See below.

Reducing 'Noise'
Camera RAW has the facility to reduce the amount of 'Noise' in the image.
Go to the 'Detail' tab in the RAW dialogue box and this will show the 'slider' to adjust for the reduction of 'Colour Noise'. The 'default' position is 25 which is generally OK.
See below:

You will also notice 'Luminance Smoothing', this is another noise reduction facility and this option tackles 'noise' ('grain' is another term) in the black & white / greyscale component of the image. This is usually only an issue at high ISO settings. Generally speaking a small amount of 'Luminance Smoothing' is an advantage in creating a grain-free appearance - say around 4 or 5 or so.

Should you require, the image may be resampled up or down in Camera RAW.
Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the 'Size' box at the bas of the RAW Browser and the menu revealed shows the options.

Whether there is any distinct advantage in resampling at this stage is open to discussion and is most likely camera / image dependent.
Anyway you have the option.
See below:

The next topic looks at how we may apply changes made to one 'RAW' image
to a whole set of 'RAW'images
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