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A Basic Outline and Guide to Understanding and Using 'Camera RAW'

Clive R. Haynes FRPS

Adjusting White Balance in RAW
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Working with RAW files one can easily correct for incorrect colour temperature in a shot.

I'm going to look at two examples, one where the picture taken was a 'grab-shot' under mixed assorted tungsten lights and the other where the available light was 'roomlight' - but working to compensate for the expected colour error.

The first example: Mixed tungsten light
As expected the above scene is over-rich with a warm-yellow/orange colour cast, however help is at hand in RAW - see below:

The severe colour cast has been removed simply by choosing 'Tungsten' as the White Balance from the drop-down menu in RAW - see detail of menu choice below:

In addition to the list that appears the white balance may be further adjusted by Temperature, Tint, and Saturation.
In this way corrections can swiftly be made.

Next, we move on to accurately determining the 'White Point' / 'White Balance' in RAW
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