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Toning by adjusting the three separate R, G & B 'curves' available to us in the 'Curves' dialogue box can provide an attractive method of toning.
Here's how.

Above: This image of the ruined Abbey of Maillezais will be our example

The Method

Open the image

Desaturate by Image > Adjust > Desaturate (or Ctrl + Shift + U)

Create an 'Adjustment Layer' (This is preferable to the 'Image > Adjust > Curves' route as it allows greater flexibility if needed later)
Do this by clicking on the Adjustment Layer icon.......... at the bottom of the Layers Palette and from the drop-down Adjustment Layer menu choose 'Curves'.


(Above: 'Curves' Adjustment Layer)

For this example, in the opening 'Curves' dialogue box, click on the drop-down arrow and select 'Red' and adjust the curve shape - see below

Next, click on 'Blue' and again adjust the shape - see below


Above: Image of the Abbey with a copper tone
Alternatively, above, the Abbey has been toned cool blue


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