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There are several methods by which images may be toned in Photoshop, the links at the base of this page explore, 'Colorize', Duotones, 'Curves' and 'Gradient Mapping'.

This page presents a simple method using 'Variations'.

Above: This image of the ruined Abbey of Maillezais will be our example

The Method

Open the image

Desaturate by Image > Adjust > Desaturate (or Ctrl + Shift + U)

Go to Image > Adjust > Variations

(Above: The 'route' to 'Variations)

In the 'Variations' dialogue box you can click on the 'thumbnails' to alter the tone of the 'Current' image.
To re-set to your starting point, click on 'Original'

By moving the 'Fine - Course' slider the 'Variation steps' may be decreased or increased
See below

Below: The final image - a cool blue tone monochrome picture


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