'Layer-to-Layer Cloning'

Clive R. Haynes FRPS


The ability to clone (Cloning Stamp / Rubber Stamp) from one Layer to another is most useful. For example, if you have a feature on one layer that you wish to introduce into another layer and for various reasons you don't wish to 'copy' and 'paste' it (which, as you know, will automatically create another Layer!), this is what you do.

Activate the Layer where the source image is.

Use the clone tool in the conventional way to target the starting point by 'Alt'/click.

In the Cloning Stamp options box, decide whether to use 'align' or 'non-align'.

Activate the Layer you wish to clone into and proceed.

You can adjust Cloning Stamp opacity and its blend mode (should you wish) on the Cloning Stamp Options Bar.

As an option, you may wish to click the 'Use All Layers' tick box on the Cloning Stamp options bar. If this option is chosen you do not need to activate the 'source layer' when you ''Alt'/click as 'Use all Layers' does precisely what it says it does.

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