Transferring / Copying an Adjustment Layer to Another Image File

Clive R. Haynes FRPS


This is a very useful facility.

Imagine that you have two or more images and that each requires exactly the same Adjustment Layer setting, how much easier it would be if one could simply 'copy' the Adjustment Layer from one image to the next without having to make new Adjustment Layers for each successive image and repeat the settings.
Well, the answer is at hand - and it's so simple!

Image 'A'
Open image 'A' with the Layers Palette visible, complete with its attendant Adjustment Layer(s) - with the settings you require as seen above
Open Image 'B' to which you wish to transfer/copy the Adjustment Layer information
Image 'B'
With both image 'windows' visible, activate the 'window' for image 'A' and simply take the cursor into the Adjustment Layer area (the cursor becomes a 'hand' shape), then 'drag & drop' the Adjustment Layer into the image space of the Image 'B'. See below.
Instantly the transferred Adjustment Layer will appear in the layers palette of Image 'B' and the adjustment will be as set.
Above: Image 'B' complete with the transferred Adjustment Layer - job done!
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