'Bevel & Emboss'

Clive R. Haynes FRPS


Bevel & Emboss

This is a topic which could run for several pages and contain numerous examples. However I'm going to restrict the information (at least for the present) to simply introducing the possibilities and suggesting that once the principle of the effect(s) is grasped then go ahead and experiment.

Here's the image (below) that a 'Bevel' is going to be applied to
If the image has a single layer and it's a 'Background' Layer as shown below, then the Background layer will have to be renamed.
The Layer Style effects menu is not available to a Background layer.

Above: A single Background layer.

To rename, double click the layer and the dialogue box below appears

Either accept the default 'Layer 0' or give the layer a name, click 'OK' and the 'new' name appears as shown below
Click on the 'f' symbol at the base of the Layers palette and from the drop-down menu, select 'Bevel & Emboss.'
The large 'Layer Style' dialogue box opens - see below:
To achieve the 'bevel' below the Bevel & Emboss' parameters were set as shown in the dialogue box
This has been a very brief introduction.
As I mentioned at the opening of this page - once you can see the possibilities - begin to experiment.
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