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Clive R. Haynes FRPS

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My on-line Galleries of photography have evolved over the years and appear in different locations.
I have recently added an Adobe Lightroom 'Portfolio' Gallery and that link is the first one below.
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'My Portfolio' Gallery
I have addtitional Galleries on Google+ and '365 Project'
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My Albums at Google+
(A variety of topics and subjects)
My '365 Project'
(Taking a picture everyday for 2012)

Digital Infrared Photography

A selection of images captured using an
IR converted Digital SLR Camera. Many pictures illustrate the effects of 'Channel-Swapping', whilst others are 'straight' (monochrome) IR.
Some images include selective toning and tinting.
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For more information about Digital IR, here's the link:
Digital Infrared

One-A-Day Gallery Part 1
A selection of images from the 380 or so pictures that resulted from undertaking the year-long project

For more information about the
'One-A-Day' Project, click here:
Take One-A-Day
A prescription to improve your photographic health

One-A-Day Gallery Part 2

The year-long adventure continues
with a further selection


Paper Birch Gallery

A set of soft, high-key pictures inspired by a grove of these beautiful trees


Primal Energies Galleries

Galleries of abstract imagery with references to mythological beings, legends and other visions


Impressions of Prague
A brief selection of images to represent some personal impressions of this fascinating city

Spetchley Gardens

The gardens are perfect for all who enjoy tranquility. Here visitors discover endless delight in the wonderful colours, tones and shades of the myriad species of plant and flower to be found within the grounds


Topaz Gallery

This is a different gallery.
The purpose is to showcase a selection of pictures I've made by using some of the the wide range of Photoshop-friendly Plug-Ins from Topaz Labs

This same gallery is also accessible via the Topaz link on my home page and begins with an introduction to Topaz

To skip the introduction to go straight to
Topaz Examples
Click here


Gallery 2

More images on a variety of themes



Link to a selection of my Photography on Google+



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