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Topaz Labs have introduced a brilliant set of Photoshop-friendly 'plug-ins' that are a delight to use. They are simple, direct, effective and intuitive.
Whether you chose vivacity or subtle nuance they offer a variety of methods for self-expression.

The Topaz preview screen is large with good detail and easy navigation. The controls and options are clear and large files can be handled with ease.

Topaz plug-ins are designed to integrate with Photoshop. This facility and ease of use makes masking and blending with alternate versions of the same image (or different images) a great way for exploring ideas, designs and creativity.

Topaz Labs plug-ins are available for both Windows and Mac operating systems including 16bit versions.


Topaz range of filters and plug-ins include

The new AI Range from Topaz incorporates many previous favourites
with additional features

At present the older 'Classic' range of plug-ins remains available

Topaz range of filters and plug-ins include

Adjust AI - Beautiful and expressive control over detail.

Gigapixel AI - Enlarge an image up 600% preserving picture quality.

Mask AI - Make tricky masks and cut-outs efficiently.

DeNoise AI - Considerably eliminate noise and recover detail.

Sharpen AI - Sharpening & shake reduction identifying the difference between real detail and noise

JPEG to RAW AI - Convert JPEG to high-quality RAW for better editing.

Topaz Studio 2 - Powerful, creative filters with masking in a non-destructive layer workflow.

Topaz Classic Plug-Ins

Topaz Adjust
Numerous ways of setting broad and fine, micro-tonal adjustments to image contrast, colour values including detail boost and reduction. Topaz Adjust optimizes image exposure, color, and detail strength

Topaz Clarity
There are a lot of ways to increase depth and definition in a photo, but many methods will leave you with unnatural-looking contrast. The intelligent technology behind Clarity allows you to enhance contrast without over-emphasizing transitions between light and dark areas. This unique approach essentially eliminates the common problem of halos, noise, and artifacts.

Using the adjustment sliders, you can easily strengthen an image’s levels of micro, midrange, and overall contrast. You can even do this selectively by taking advantage of the masking module. With Topaz Clarity, your images will never lack visual impact!

Topaz Clean
This is something something for which Photoshop has no direct equivalent. Topaz Clean offers full control of detail and edge manipulation and stylization that can be used to sharpen, accentuate, and stylize edges. It can also be used as set of artistic and painterly refinements with many options including 'Cartoon', 'Crisp', 'Curly', etc.

Topaz Detail
This effectively accentuates detail and sharpens images without artifacts or haloing. This set includes Microcontrast Enhancement, Soft-Looking effects, Desaturation options, Shadow Relief, etc

Topaz Simplify
A set of art-related options from 'Simplify' to 'Woodcut'. Many variations and levels of control

Topaz Lens Effects
A wide range of simulated lens effects ranging from post-capture depth-of-field adjustment and management to numerous creative blurs and swirls and from tilt & shift lens controls to graduated filters. Extensive controls.
Click here to go straight to example page with 'Lens Effects'

Topaz B&W Effects
A series of useful filters to produce a range of monochrome and toned effects, plus local adjustments and dynamics. Click here to go straight to example page with 'B&W'.

Topaz DeNoise
Noise reduction as an integral part of low light / high ISO photography and workflow

Topaz DeJPEG
A very useful facility to improve the quality of web pictures and other compressed images

Topaz ReMask
Makes extraction and masking powerful, easy, and instantaneous - Brilliant & Intuitive. Special Offer below

Topaz Star Effects
Easily add sparkling, realistic-looking star effects or change the mood of images
Add sparkle, shimmering water effects, beams of light, etc

Topaz Impression
Make beautiful, artistic and painterly images quickly by using easy-to-follow presets which can be readily edited to express your style and mood

Topaz Glow
Make stunning and electrifying images (you can be subtle too) with this stand-alone product
'Glow' creates a magical luminescent effect that infuses your work with a sense of energetic movement and flow.

Texture Effects
Texture Effects allows users to create a variety of textured, toned, and lighting effects in a fraction of the time it takes in other editing software.

For selected example images, click here

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