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Clive R. Haynes FRPS

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The strength of the personality of this old fisherman needed a little assistance.

For the task I chose .....

Topaz 'Detail'

And from the extensive menu,
I selected
'Interior Strong Detail'

Notice the increase in
micro-tonal delineation.
The hands in particular reveal a greater sense of 'character'


'Reduced Circumstances'

I wished to emphasise the distressed state of this one-time opulent hotel

To achieve the effect I required
I used a combination of two
Topaz Plug-Ins from the
Topaz 'Adjust' menu:

Adjust 'Simplify'
Adjust 'Neutraliser'

'Eglise de Cabenac'

I felt this picture required a more painterly and romantic appearance

I selected Topaz 'Simplify' and used 'Underpainting'



The observant will have noticed that variations of 'Portal' appear on the Topaz introduction page

For this particular variant I used a combination of two Topaz

Topaz 'Adjust' - Auto-Exposure Correction
Topaz 'Simplify' - Underpainting


'Waste Oil'

I wished to convey a sense of grime and waste coupled with the apparent outlines factory buildings

To achieve the result I used
Topaz 'Detail' selecting 'Mono Contrast Enhancement'



I opted for a warm, romantic style of treatment with a painterly look

I chose Topaz 'Simplify' and from the menu selected 'BuzSim'


This is perhaps a little more subtle in treatment.

I chose Topaz 'Detail' and selected 'Microcontrast' from the menu

'Topaz 'Detail' allows fine adjustments in contrast and sharpening. Topaz plug-Ins are designed to avoid introducing annoying halo artifacts

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