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Clive R. Haynes FRPS

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This page illustrates the use of Topaz Plug-Ins in combination with one another
plus, where applicable, the option of blending the result with the original image.
Images can be amazing, vivid or subtle - it all depends upon the outcome you visualise and require.

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I wished to emphasise the lines and texture of the character yet retain the background as shot.

For the task I chose .....

Topaz 'Detail'

And from the extensive menu,
I selected
'Lithograph by H Hurst'

Notice the increase in
micro-tonal contrast.
and the better effectiveness
of the image


'In the Net'

This image needed a boost to both texture and colour

To achieve the effect I required
I used a combination of two, both from the Topaz 'Adjust' Plug-in

(all image for texture & colour)
'Curly Smooth'
(red float only for special texture)


The original image had potential but it certainly required a harder approach to reveal the mood, contrast
And the 'picture' I saw within

I selected Topaz 'Adjust' Plug-In used a combination of three options:

'Painting Venice'

'Stretch Colour'

'Sketch Dark Charcoal'



These two windows in a French village looked attractive and characterful.

I wished to reveal a better sense of antiquity and for this purpose, I selected Topaz 'Adjust'


Topaz 'Simplify 2'
' Painting Watercolour'



These old workshops were photographed using a digital infrared camera

To emphasise details in the brickwork and subtle contrast in the foliage I used
Topaz 'Detail 2' selecting:
'Black & White Contrasted'
'Interior Strong Detail'


'The Fallen'
aux Enfants de Tuchon

The shadows needed to be compensated for and detail illustrated in this image showing the victims of war in one small French village.
Adding to the poignancy, over the decades, several of the old photos have fallen from the epitaph, erasing even this last memory.

I chose Topaz 'Detail 2' using
'Shadow Detail More'


The original subject is a scratched and scraped piece of metal left to rust

I 'saw' fierce and spiky mountain peaks with an aurora painting the night sky.

To better realise 'my vision', I used Topaz 'Detail 2'
'Interior Strong Detail'
Topaz 'Adjust'

More Topaz Examples, including 'B&W' and 'Lens Effects'

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