'Delving Deeper into Layers'

Photoshop Versions 6 & 7
(If you are using earlier versions of photshop, then much of the information will still apply. However Layer facilities have gradually improved over successive versions therefore some features will not exist and others will have 'differenent routes' to those described for V6 / V7 - 'but that's life - and Photoshop')

Clive R. Haynes FRPS


Once you have got to grips with the fundamental principles of Layers, it's time to extend the options and opportunities they afford in your picture making.

The topics are covered over several separate pages - click on the topic listed to visit the page:

'Delving Deeper into Layers' Topics
Layer Effects
The Text / Typing Layer V5 TEXT
The Text / Typing Layer V6 / 7(information being prepared)
Moving / Copying an Adjustment Layer to Another Document