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Guides, Grids' & 'Slices
Plug-Ins Folder & Scratch Disks

Clive R. Haynes FRPS


The next 'Preference' is for 'Guides, Grids' & 'Slices'

Guides and Grids help in aligning picture and text within the canvas space. The choice of guide and grid colour is one of personal preference. I'm content to leave them as 'default' settings. Should a 'guide' or 'grid' become difficult to see (e.g. if the building in the image is grey and the 'grid squares' are also grey), the colour may be changed whilst working on the image.
The 'Gridline every: (25%) and the 'Subdivisions (4) establish how large the grid / graticule appears - once again, personal choice.

'Slices'. This is a web-design feature so ignore it (well, unless your designing the page ready for the web that is!)


We move on to 'Plug-Ins & Scratch Disks'
This is a trickier area to make absolute recommendations. Although I show C:\ as the 'First' 'Scratch Disk', this is by way of example only (as many of you will simply have the one drive to apply this 'Preference' to). I have several 'drives' and I assign two other 'drives' to be 1st and 2nd as Scratch Disk' space

If you're uncertain, then I suggest that you use the settings as illustrated to begin - they'll work OK.
If you have more computer knowledge, then choose another 'Scratch Disk' area.

In addition you can establish another area / folder for 'Plug-Ins'. I have no recommendation here, except to say that I haven't made any such change for this.

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