Photoshop 'Workspace'
Clive R. Haynes FRPS

A frequently overlooked facility in Photoshop is 'Workspace'.
By saving a 'Workspace' you can preset a way of working can be made as a 'user default' plus the bonus of setting more that one 'Workspace' to accommodate several types of different 'user defaults' for different users or purposes, say one for images, another for graphics and perhaps one for web design. Or, perhaps, for right-hand or left-hand people using the same computer.

When closing Photoshop the next time it opens the workspace area will be as you left it. The Toolbar and Palettes may be scattered and some not in use / invisible. Saving a Workspace enables you to instantly tidy everything up and return the Palettes, etc to the orderly state you prefer.

How to set your Workspace

Firstly, set up Photoshop and arrange the Toolbar, Palettes, etc., as you prefer them.

Once you have established how you wish it to be, simply go to Window > Workspace > Save Workspace > give it a name - click 'Save'.
That's it.

Each time you wish to reset Photoshop to your chosen Workspace go via Window > Workspace >click on the name. It's that simple.

Should you wish, you can revise the 'Workspace' and save it again.

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