Setting 'Preferences'
Version 7 & CS (1)
Clive R. Haynes FRPS

The settings suggested below are the ones that I used in Version 7 and Photoshop CS (as opposed to 'CS2')and as such may may prove a useful basis and guide for establishing your 'Preferences'.

Please note that the notes below form a basis for Photoshop Version 7 as some of the settings were as Version 6 whilst others were beginning to adopt practices that in time evolved to Version 'CS'. Sorry about that, it's just that with time, references to earlier versions of Photoshop are becoming a little hazy.

The Preference Settings may be found via: Edit > Preferences
Note for earlier versions of Photoshop (V5, V5.5 and 6) the route to 'Preferences is via: File > Preferences.
Once available, a list of 'Preferences' is presented. Start at 'General' and work through by clicking 'Next'
In each section I only list the boxes I have 'ticked' or the options I have chosen and/or set. If I don't mention it, then I've left it at the default setting. Here and there I'll add the occasional comment.

Color Picker - Adobe

Image Interpolation - Bicubic (Better)

History States - 20 ..... You may wish to opt for more 'History States' but remember the more you have the greater the amount of memory occupied for this function.

Export Clipboard
Show Tool Tips
Zoom Resizes Windows
Dynamic Color Sliders
Save Palette Locations
Show Font Names in English
Use Shift Key for Tool Switch
Use Smart Quotes

Display & Cursors
Painting Cursors - Brush Size

Other Cursors - Precise

Units & Rulers
Rulers - cm
Type - Points

Column Size:

Width - 180 points
Gutter - 12 Points

New Document Preset Resolutions:
Print Resolution - 300 ppi
Screen Resolution 72 ppi

Point/Pica Size:
PostScript (72 ppi)

Plug-Ins & Scratch Discs
Scratch Discs:
First - C ......... You may nominate other letters for Second, Third & Fourth - it all depends if you are using a 'partitioned disc' or more than one drive.


File browser
Do Not Process Files Larger than - 200 MB
Display - 10 - Most Recently Used etc...
Custom Thumbnail Size - 200px Wide

Allow Background Processing
High Quality Previews
Keep Sidecar Files with Master Files

To confirm all above 'Preference' settings - Click 'OK'

To save / restore your 'Preference settings', as from time to time they may be altered, perhaps as a temporary measure, see 'Preferences - Locking' in the Contents list,
or for Photoshop versions 7 and 'CS', click on the 'Workspace' link below.

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