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Clive R. Haynes FRPS


Next in sequence we have 'Transparency & Gamut'
'Transparency' is all about how Photoshop displays empty space. A mid-grey chequerboard is the usual option but if you're feeling adventurous other grid sizes and colours are there to choose - no big deal, it's up to you. I stick to boring old grey!
Gamut is concerned with how Photoshop may warn you if the colour or level has exceeded what it is thought to be reasonable. It's advisory - therefore you may accept the warning and make a change to whatever setting is concerned or ignore it.


We now move on to 'Units & Rulers'. This 'Preference' sets up how you wish your default settings to be. So far as 'Rulers' is concerned, I prefer 'cm', simply because the A4, A3 paper sizes more easily relate. The choice is yours.

By the way, should you wish to alter the unit of measurement for a 'ruler' whilst working, on screen, simply double-click in the ruler area and make your choice from the list displayed.

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