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Clive R. Haynes FRPS


The next 'Preference' to set in sequence is 'File Handling'.
You may wish to list more or less than 10 files in the 'Recent file list'.


The next 'Preference' is 'Display & Cursors'. It's really quite important to see what's going on so far as 'brush size' is concerned and indeed this applies to any cursor that acts like a 'Brush'; 'Eraser' or 'Clone Stamp' etc., therefore make certain that neither the 'Painting Cursors' or 'Other Cursors' are not set to 'Standard' - otherwise all you'll see on screen is an icon representing the tool without any idea how large the size of the application stroke will be until you actually do it.
CS2 introduced more choices for the 'Painting Cursors', I happen to prefer 'Full Size Brush Tip' but 'Precise' and/or 'Normal Brush Tip' are perfectly OK.
The tick box to 'Display Crosshair in Brush Tip' is actually quite useful.

For 'Other Cursors' choose 'Precise'.

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