Polar Coordinates
Make an 'Orb'


Clive R. Haynes FRPS

The image will be considerably distorted


Image > Rotation > 180* > OK


Return to Polar Coordinates via.....

Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates > Rectangular to Polar > OK (see below)


You have an 'Orb'.

It's often better to fill the four corner quadrants with black, white or a colour of your choice.  Usually the speediest way is to use the Magic Wand Tool and with it set to Point Sample, 'Contiguous' ticked,Tolerance at 5 or 10 and with the 'Add to Selection' option chosen (see screen-grab below), click in each of the four corner areas to select them. However, should the selection include parts of the 'orb' itself, check that 'Contiguos' is ticked and/or try a lower Tolerance.


You can now fill the corners by
(CC version) Edit > Fill > Contents (drop-down menu) > Black, White or Color (pick one) > OK

Or for CS versions Edit > Fill > Use > Black, White or Color (pick one) > OK

Delselect (Ctrl+D)



If you don't make the image square then the result with be oval, an oblate spheroid, which has it's own charm.
Having done this, you might like to experiment with two other Polar Coordinate effects, those of
' Make and Planet' and 'Make a Rotary Distortion'.

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