Comparisons Between IR Converted Cameras with Different Filter Depths

Clive R. Haynes FRPS


Nikon D3s       720nm Filter

Photos: Clive Haynes

Only photos at the mill were taken

Above: RAW File
Above: Lightroom Black & White

Above: RAW (Lightroom) to Photoshop
for Channel-Swap
Above: (Photoshop) Black & White
after Channel-Swap
Above: Channel-Swap plus selective application of Topaz Adjust 'Dramatic II'
Above: 'False Colour' via Channel-Swap, image converted to Lab Mode, a & b Channels Adjusted

Filters for Infrared

'Channel Swapping'

Hot-Spots, Flares, Bit Depth & Gamut

Lab Mode and 'False Colour'

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