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A greater depth of information may be found within the pages of my latest book 'Worcester Within the Walls' and in my recent video, 'Worcester Remembered' - see the links at the base of this page.

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'The Changing Face of Worcester'

The threshold of new Millennium is an ideal point to review the recent past of the ancient City of Worcester

In over 35 years as a local historian and photographer, I have been researching and recording the history of Worcester. I'm best known locally for the multi-projector audio-visual documentary 'The Changing Face of Worcester', which over 60,000 people have enjoyed. My brother, Malcolm and I worked together on the programme for many years. Latterly, I presented the show with my wife, Gill, who had been involved in its production since our marriage in 1975.

I've also been the author and co-author of three books about the City and produced two videotapes on the same the topic.

The best way to gain an appreciation of the City is to delve into its past.

This brief history of the City of Worcester is divided into sections - so should you wish, you can go to the section of your choice.

Alternatively you can progress through the pages, as in a book. At the end of each page the 'Next Page' link, will, when you click on it, take you forward.

However, to keep things simple, we'll begin with a list of contents - just click on the topic to go there.

The pages tend to be 'image rich' and although file sizes have been kept to a minimum some delay may be experienced whilst the images load.

For an approximation of the geographical areas covered, refer to the map beneath.

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The Beginnings of Worcester
    The Battle of Worcester
Cathedral     Old Adverts
Riverside and Bridge     Pubs
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Central area South (& East segment)     Law & Order
Central area South (West segment)     Notable Buildings
St Johns & West     Industry
Canal & East     Transport
      Shops & Small Businesses

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