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Image with Digital © 'Watermark'


Frequently and especially for commercial 'proof'' purposes and Internet sample images there's the need to apply a copyright © symbol or the word 'Proof', perhaps with the addition of the photographer's name, as an overlay to the image to prevent the picture being used without permission. The incorporation of these words or symbols should allow the image content to be viewed, yet spoil it for unauthorised usage. Here's a method.
Firstly, let's assume that the Image will appear as a jpeg for viewing on a web page at around 700 pixels wide. At 72ppi this gives a .PSD file of around 1mb before converting to jpeg. The 'Layer Style' settings below refer to a file of about this size

Starting Image (Worcester Cathedral)

Set Black as the Foreground colour then use the 'Type Tool' to apply the required text.

Enter the text in the usual way, typing 'Proof', your name / organisation, 'Copyright' or - or whatever. The 'quick-key method' for is to hold down the 'Alt' key whilst using the numeric key pad (to the right of the standard keyboard) to type 0169. It's essential to use the numeric keys otherwise it will not work. 'Laptop' users will need to access the 'numeric facility'.

Change the 'Blend mode' for the Type Layer to 'Lighten' - the text disappears!

To reveal the text, we need to create a 'Layer Style'.

The 'Layer Style icon

Click on the 'f', Layer Style, icon at the base of the Layers Palette (see 'screen grab' below). From the drop-down menu, choose 'Bevel & Emboss'. In the Layer Style dialogue box that opens try these settings as a starting point:

Style = Inner Bevel
Technique = Chisel Hard
Depth = 100
Direction = Up
Size = 54
Soften = 8
Shading = 122
Altitude = 11
Gloss Contour = Standard Highlight
Mode = Screen
Opacity = 75%
Shadow mode = Multiply
Opacity = 75%

Above: Layer Style Dialogue Box Settings for 'Bevel & Emboss'
Experiment using other options in the dialogue box such as Inner Glow, Outer Glow, Stroke, etc. Changing these settings may improve the appearance of your text - it all depends upon what you need and picture content.

Click 'OK'

The Type' Layer may edited as required using the 'Type Tool'.

The Layer Style settings also remain available for editing.

Above: Layer Order 'grab'

Instead of making a © symbol, the word 'proof' could be applied to the image with the option of including the name of the photographer or organisation, etc.

The method of working remains the same.

There are many 'Quick Keys' for making symbols and special text, for more information, click on this 'link':
Text Quick Keys

Above: 'Proof' with the photographer's name used as a 'watermark'
There is an alternative method of creating the © symbol by using the 'Custom Shape Tool'. This method also allows any shape from the list of 'Shapes'. See 'links'' below

Alternative Method - Using 'Shapes' - CC Version
Alternative Method - Using 'Shapes' - Older Versions
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