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PHOTOSHOP - One-to-one or two to three person sessions with Clive Haynes FRPS

PERMAJET ACADEMY - PHOTOSHOP (Tutor: Clive Haynes FRPS) Courses at PermaJet, near Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

PERMAJET ACADEMY - INFRARED WORKSHOP (Tutor: Clive Haynes FRPS) Courses at PermaJet, as above

PERMAJET ACADEMY - LIGHTROOM (Tutor: Martin Addison FRPS) Courses at PermaJet, near Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

PERMAJET ACADEMY - PRINTING Courses at PermaJet, near Stratford-upon-Avon, UK and other locations

PERMAJET ACADEMY - Home Page - Full range of courses available and locations

LIGHTROOM: The Lightroom Queen. In my opinion, the principle resource for all things related to Lightroom



PHOTOGRAPHY TALK - An excellent resource for learning, advice, guidance, direction, tips and tutorials

DIGITAL CAMERA KNOW-HOWS - A really useful site by Panasonic / Lumix giving a wide range of valuable information

DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY - A plethora of information at

MY DEAR DRONE - Drone events and resources

DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY - A Guide to Drone & Aviation Terminology


Photography Clubs and Societies

THE ROYAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY (The RPS has over 12,000 members and promotes photographic excellence)

WORCESTERSHIRE CAMERA CLUB (A long established and well respected photo-club with many activities and options)

CHELTENHAM CAMERA CLUB (A long established and well respected photo-club)

SMETHWICK PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY (One of the leading photographic societies in the UK)

MAIDENHEAD CAMERA CLUB (An excellent photo-club with a high-quality website)

PHOTOGRAPHY: (Alphabetically listed - by surname where appropriate)

MARTIN ADDISON FRPS - 'Painter for Photographers' (Information & Know-How about 'Painter' program )

PETER J. CLARK FRPS (Gallery of photos by this leading UK monochrome landscape photographer)

PAULA DAVIES FRPS (Galleries of Beautiful Images)

SAM FURLONG LRPS (Gallery of images by a young professional & newspaper photographer based in Worcester)

NICKI GWYNN-JONES FRPS (A superbly imaginative fine-art photographer)  

IAN LYONS - COMPUTER DARKROOM (Loads of really useful information including 'Colour Space' issues)

JOHN LONG ARPS DPAGB APAGB (John is a leading Bristol based photographer and exhibitor)

LONDON SALON (Gallery / work by this distinguished group of photographers)

'LOST AMERICA' (Nocturnal images and photo galleries of 'different' work)

'NOCTURNES' (Once at the site go to the 'Gallery' or other options about nocturnal photography)

JERRY UELSMANN (Superb images from a master of 'elusive photography')


PermaJet         (A fantastic range of high-quality papers for Fine-Art inkjet printing - fast, reliable service)

WACOM - The definitive choice for graphic tablets & pens. I've always used Wacom.

ADOBE - Visit this site for latest updates and information on Photoshop

DP REVIEW - Latest news updates and review on DI gear - Essential viewing - Recommended

DIGITAL GLOSSARY (Proper Explanations)

IT BASED ENCYCLOPAEDIA - Lots of useful IT based info

WILHELM RESEARCH - An institution dedicated to the researching the permanence of photo media - especially 'printers & papers'