Polar Coordinates
Make an 'Orb'

Clive R. Haynes FRPS

This is a quick and simple technique to make some different and eye-catching images.

Whilst the method can work with just about any image, images with strong structure tend to work best.
For demonstration, I'm starting with the somewhat graphic landscape format image below.

The image needs to be made square, therefore if you're starting with a square image, skip the 'Making Square' step below.

Making Square
Go to Image > Image Size
Tick 'Resample'
Whichever dimension is the shorter enter the same dimension for the other. 

Click on the 'Link' icon to 'unlink' it to allow the Width and Height to be disproportional
In this example Height was the shorter one of the two and same figure (2848 pxls) was entered for Width.
Resolution can remain the same
Click OK
The image becomes squashed to fit the square format.

Once the image is square, the next step is to use Polar Co-ordinates to begin creating the 'orb'. 
Go to         

Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates

Choose Polar to Rectangular
Click OK

The image will be considerably distorted

To proceed with the 'Orb', click 'Continue' below.



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