Page Curl
(Using the Warp Transformation Tool)

Clive R. Haynes FRPS



Suggested level of ability for this technique:
A familiarisation with Layers, Adjustment layers, Layers Masks, ‘fx’ menu, Transform options and the Gradient Tool

Open your background image


Select  > All (Ctrl + A)

Edit  > Copy (Ctrl + C)

Image  > Canvas Size (Ctrl + Alt + C)

In the New Size box, change the default setting (probably centimetres or inches) to Percent. 
With ‘Relative’ un-ticked, set both Width and Height to 130%. 

Canvas extension colour: Choose White



Edit > Paste > (Ctrl + V) the ‘pasted in image become Layer 1

Paste again (Ctrl + V) this is now Layer 2

Rename Layer 2 as ‘Curl’

Activate Background Layer and fill with white via Edit > Fill > Contents > White

A wide border / canvas appears around the image

Page Curl - Continued

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