Digital Make-Up
(Older Versions of Photoshop)

Clive R. Haynes FRPS

A portrait can sometimes be enhanced by the use of make-up. Naturally the subject will have provided herself with make-up or perhaps not but occasionally there's a need to either add make-up or to change the make-up in some way.

In this 'how-to' we'll look at applying make-up for eye-shadow, a blush for the cheeks and an slight alteration to lipstick colour.

Firstly, I lay no claim to being an expert in make-up and secondly, to make the illustration more evident, I have boosted the level of make-up a little. In reality for this model I would be a little more subtle with the colour.

Above: Original
Above: With Make-Up (slightly boosted to illustrate the effect)

OK, let's make a start.

Open your image.

Above: The Opening Image

I'm going to begin with adding some eye-shadow.

To define the area for work, I'll make a selection using Quick-Mask

Click on the Quick-Mask Tool Icon at the base of the Tool Bar:

For ease of working make certain that the Quick Mask Tool is in the 'Selected Areas' mode. To do this, double-click on the Quick-Mask icon and in the dialogue box, choose 'Selected Areas'.

This box also allows you to swap the default colour of red to a more convenient colour (as you might guess using a red mask colour upon a red dress isn't very helpful) and the opacity of the mask can also be changed here)

Click 'OK'.

Next, choose a large soft-edge brush that just fits within the area, and paint on (with black as the foreground colour) the Quick-Mask over the area for eye-shadow. It will appear as red with a good soft edge. If you wish to undo or 'unpaint' an area of mask, swap to white as the foreground colour.

Above: Applying the Quick-Mask to the selected area


Next, click on the Quick-Mask icon again and the masked area will be revealed as a 'selection' complete with 'marching ants'.

Above: Marching Ants defining the selected area after Quick-Mask applied.
Notice that the edges of the selection will be well within the outer limits of the soft-edge as the selection marquee only defines the area that is greater than 50% opacity but don't worry, the soft 'feathered' edge will be retained as you'll see in the next step.

Make-up Continued

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