Renaming a Layer

Clive R. Haynes FRPS

The above 'Pipes Triptych' picture has three layers.
To identify which layer is which it's often a good idea to name layers

It's possible to rename a layer. This is very useful as it makes it easier to quickly identify what's on a particular layer.

To rename a layer, double-click on the name of the Layer (eg Layer 2) and type in the new name, click outside the box and the job's done. The alternative route is by Layer > Layer Properties and type the new name in the box.

Double-click, highlight the name
Type in new name
Click outside name box - Job done
Renaming the Background
The Background Layer can be renamed to something other than the default name of 'Layer 0'. However, changing the name of the Background Layer will result in the loss attributes associated with the Background Layer (for example automatically 'locking' it and the loss of the Background Colour as the natural default colour when erasing pixels on the layer or expanding Canvas Size. Instead of revealing the Background Colour, the checkerboard pattern will appear, indicating no pixels.

Above: Double-click background layer and a New Layer dialogue box appears, the default new name is 'Layer 0'. You can change this to suit your needs.
Above: Layer renamed as 'Layer 0'

The layer at the bottom of the stack can be reassigned as the 'Background Layer', however, simply renaming as 'Background' will not be successful. It must be done this way:

Go to the main menu bar and use this route: Layer > New > Background from Layer.

Note: the wording for the function has changed slightly over the evolution of Photoshop, however by using the Layers menu route you should be able to identify the step without too much problem.

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