The Layers Palette - Access to Blending Modes & Layer Options

Clive R. Haynes FRPS


Simply expressed, 'Blending modes' are ways in which two or more layers can interact and influence one another, the interaction is complex and dependent upon the content of the layers concerned. To help simplify how one may begin to predict the interaction, the Blending Modes are arranged in sets.

Layer Options: This is a menu of facilities and features, many of which can also be accessed via the Layers Menu located on the Menu Bar. Sometimes it's more efficient to open the drop-down menu on the Layers Palette rather than visit the Menu Bar


It's not intended for this introduction to cover in depth every single working aspect of Layers. Both Blending Modes and Layer Options are two large subject areas and each will be properly addressed with a link from the Know-How Contents page.

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