Linking Layers - continued

Clive R. Haynes FRPS

Highlight (Ctrl - click) the layers that are to move, then click on the 'link' icon at the base of the Layers palette, a 'link icon will appear upon the layers so linked. To unlink, highlight the layer(s) and click on the 'link' icon as before - the 'link' will disappear from the layer(s). Use the 'Move Tool' to reposition the linked layers.

Note: When using the 'Move Tool' the Options Bar includes an 'Auto-Select' tick box, for the moment, to avoid inadvertently activating the wrong layer for movement, keep the box unticked.

Before 'Linking'
After 'Linking'
'Lonely Hearts' (a little closer together)
Additional Note: With several layers linked it's also possible to move a linked set of layers to another position in the stack (same procedure as for moving a single layer).
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