Digital Infrared Photography

A Personal Workflow

Clive R. Haynes FRPS

Example 1:  Castel Dolwyddelan.   I begin with the final image.


Camera settings:
ISO 320: 18-200mm lens at 30mm: f11 at 1/400th sec.

The scene had attractive landscape potential with sweeping sunlight and a good sky. The stark ruined castle provides an excellent focal-point enhanced by a strong foreground and sympathetically tumultuous sky.  The power-line and associated post were a distraction from the essential romance but could be easily edited during processing.

The story I needed to tell within this frame was of onetime military power and unyielding dominance over the land and its peoples.  To achieve this some tonal emphasis would be necessary.

Stage 1: Lightroom
My workflow begins with the RAW file Lightroom.

Above: At the Start -The appearance of the RAW file

In Lightroom I carefully checked the image and made the following adjustments more or less in this order:

Lens Corrections:
'Enable Profile Correction' - use if helpful.
'Remove chromatic aberration'.  This is a standard procedure for all my images as a precaution, just in case there is anything present.

Convert to Black and White.

Workflow continued.........

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