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Adventures with Lab Color Mode continued

Clive R. Haynes FRPS

The next step in this introduction is to include more than one channel to 'Invert', this is done by choosing one Channel, say 'b', then shift-clicking on, for this example, 'Lightness' Channel.


Two Channels will now be highlighted
Once both Channel 'b' and 'Lightness' Channel are active, invert this combination (Ctrl + I) and the result, now incorporating 'Lightness' Channel, will be very different, see below:

The effect will not be to everyone's taste but you can begin to understand how valuable access to individual channels can be.

If you wish to experiment with reduced intensities of 'Invert', go to Edit > Fade Invert (see below) and adjust the slider control. :

Also, as an option in the Fade' dialogue box, different 'Blend Modes' can be tried - see below

NB 'Edit > Fade' is only available immediately after making the Invert command.


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