Making a Digital Signature

by 'Define Brush Preset'

Clive R. Haynes FRPS


It's easy to make any shape into a 'Brush Preset' and to convert one's handwriting or signature into a 'Brush Preset' this is what you do.

Start with a new blank document.

Go to File > New Document.
This can be any size but for this exercise use Width, 15cms x Height, 10cms, 200ppi with a White background, RGB, 8bit.


Choose a suitable size brush and set the 'Hardness' to 100%, unless you prefer a soft edge appearance.  Alternatively use the 'pencil' option from the Brush Tool icon on the Tool Bar as this will automatically provide a hard edge.


Make your signature.  Note:  This is very much easier with a graphic pen and tablet rather than using a mouse.  However a mouse will work with a little practice.

 I've included a hand-drawn copyright symbol for '© Signature Images'.

Use the Crop Tool to remove excess area.



Go to Edit > Define Brush Preset



Give the preset a name click 'OK' and that's it.  You have a 'brush' (pencil) with the shape you need.


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