Clive R Haynes FRPS

Many images are of course based upon imaginary visions. The most successful of these contain an 'inner reality' - that is they are 'true to themselves' and the viewer willingly enters the imaginary realm - feeling intrigued, not confused and as a willing participant in the suspension of disbelief.

The images are presented as 'thumbnail' previews. Click on the image to enlarge. There will be a short delay as the larger image loads.

The three images above are part of the 'Gormenghast Series' - a developing panel of pictures inspired by Mervyn Peake's outstanding and brilliant trilogy of books set in the amazing multiple edifices of Gormenghast.These volumes have been a long-standing favourite of mine since I first read them in the early 1970's

This is an expanding body of work - more to be added