A Pictorial look at the 'Faithful City'


Clive R. Haynes FRPS

Worcester Cathedral Continued



Above: The Cathedral Choir



Above: Celebrating the Eucharist



Above: Harvest Festival time



Above: Below the Quire is the Crypt. This is the earliest part of the Cathedral and it's a particularly fine example of a Norman apsoidal crypt dating from 1084 AD



Above: At the opposite end of the architectural spectrum to the crypt is the 246 feet (75 mtr.) high tower. I took this unsual shot of the tower from a 'basket' attached to a 260 foot (80 mtr.) extendable, articulated, mechanical arm. It was an 'interesting' experience being that distance from the ground in a small wavering metal platform.



Above: In the Ringing Chamber, 12 bellringers send the joyous harmonies of the bells echoing across the City



The Bell Chamber with the great bells temporally at rest.



Above: In a room set high in the tower the great barrels that carry the tunes for the carillon are periodically changed. Each one needs to be hoisted into place within the machine.



Above: Another 'hairy' picture and certainly not a shot to be made by suffereres of vertigo! This is looking down the inside of the tower from beneath the Bell Chamber. By opening a series of huge trap doors, the bells can be let down the height of the tower for maintenance or replacement. The tiny chequered pattern in the centre, is the floor of the Cathedral some 200 feet (60 mtr.) below and the small red dot is a verger talking to a colleague.



Above: Christmas and children gather around the tree with gifts.



Above: The Cathedral Choir singing Christmas carols outside the Guildhall



Above: Christmas time with festive lights and snow



Above: The classic view of Worcester Cathedral from the west bank, floodlit and a radiant sickle moon.


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