Make a 'Zwirl'


Clive R. Haynes FRPS


Set 'Twirl 2' layer to 'Lighten' Blend Mode (top of Layers Palette via small drop-down arrow)



Activate the original image (Background Layer) then Copy and Paste this, via Select All (Ctrl+A), Edit  > Copy (Ctrl+C), Edit > Paste (Ctrl+V).  The new copy layer appears.

Drag this new copy layer to the top of the layer stack. See below.

With copy (original image ) layer active, the next step is to visually fuse it with the two 'Zwirls' below. In this way parts of the original image can appear 'through' the 'Zwirl' pattern.
A Layer Mask will allow the subtle visual fusion of layers to be made.

Making the Fusion
Hold down the Alt/ Key whilst simultaneously clicking on the Layer Mask (small dark grey circle inside a square) icon at the base of the Layers Palette.  This will make a 'Hide All' (black) Layer Mask and the image will disappear.

Choose a suitable Brush Tool and with White set as the Foreground Colour, reveal sections of the original image until you are satisfied with the result.  To correct errors swap  to Black as the Foreground Colour (tip:  use the 'X' key to do this speedily). This will hide the image on this layer.

Finished 'Zwirl' image

We can enjoy pure abstract 'Zwirls' for their artistic merit alone, for examples, click on the 'Continue' link below.
Zwirl continued .....

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