Here's a list of some recent improvements and additions.

Changes & Updates:
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Dateline 2017 January 10th . How to Make an 'Orb' . This is a quick and simple technique to make some different and eye-catching images.


Dateline 2016 December 21st. Information about using 'Stamp Visible' an essential and somewhat hidden function within Photoshop.
Dateline 2016 December 20th. Information about using Quick Mask. A most useful tool for making and refining Selectons.
Dateline: 2016 November 12th. Adding Fireworks to a Night Sky

Dateline: 2016 October 30th. Polar Coordinates Features Added:
Rotary Distortion

Make a 'Planet'

Making a Pastel Image with White Layers - an atractive and romantic look

Dateline: 2016 March 17th. Updates and addition of 'Channel-Swap' Download option for Digital Infrared Work-flow.

Dateline: 2016 September 8th.
Layer Mask information updated for CC version.

Rain - How to make it 'rain' by creating a rain effect for an image.

Dateline: 2016 March 9th. Numerous updates and improvements including:
Preferences (updated for 'CC' and CS6)
Digital Workflow Fundamentals
Work-flow Chart
Changing User Interface Font Size to overcome small font size appearance with hi-res displays
Toolbar updated for 'CC' and CS6

Dateline: 2016 February 27th
How to make a 'Digital Signature' using a 'Brush Preset'

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