Here's a list of some recent updates, improvements and additions.

Changes & Updates:

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Dateline March 30th 2018. The Toolbar - including Which Toolbar Preset to Choose, Which Tools are Really Useful To You and an Introduction to Customising the Toolbar.

Dateline March 29th 2018. 'Perception & Scale' - How to change the scale of part of the image to increase emphasis.

Dateline 2018 March 10th. Luminosity Masks. How to create and use these very useful tonally targeted selections.

Dateline 2018 February 3rd. More Digital Infrared Photography updates and additions, including working in Lab Color Mode, (which embraces) adventures with so-called 'False Colour' and a series of test images comparing IR Filter Types

Dateline 2018 January 3rd. Digital Infrared Photography. Many of these these pages have been updated and revised. other pages have been added including explanations about filters for IR and workflow for IR processing. There's a new 'Portfolio Gallery' too.

Dateline 2017 October 23. How to Make a 'Zwirl'' . Make a swirling pattern from an image. Combine it with the original, or use the pattern alone.
Dateline 2017 January 10th . How to Make an 'Orb' . This is a quick and simple technique to make some different and eye-catching images.


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