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A speedier and more effecient workflow results when using keystrokes to perform many functions within Photoshop. There are many, many of the so called, 'Quick Keys', 'Hot Keys' or 'Shortcuts'.

The list below whilst by no means exhaustive and has been compiled to present many of the most common and frequently used Shortcuts.

This list of 60 shortcuts has been compiled for Photoshop Version 6. However, many will operate with V5 and 5.5.

Please note: I'm familiar Windows rather than Mac, the list below is compiled for 'Windows'.

To convert the shortcuts for Mac use. Most should be OK if 'Ctrl' is substituted by the 'Command' key and 'Alt' substituted by 'Option' key.

I've included an 'Aid to Memory' column, which suggests an association for the key - it may aid the memory.

Aid to Memory
Tool Bar
+ Modifier Key
Path Selection pAth A
Paint Brush / Pencil Brush B Shift + B for Pencil
Crop Crop C
Default F/G & B/G colours backgrounD D
Eraser / Background Eraser Eraser E Shift + E for B/G Eraser
Screen Modes/ Full / Full with Menu Full screen F Shift + F to toggle between
Gradient / Paintbucket Gradient G Shift + G for Paintbucket
Hand Hand H
Eye-Dropper / Measure I-dropper I Shift + I for measure
Airbrush   J
Slice / New Slice   K Shift + K to toggle between
Lasso / Poly / Magnetic Lasso L Shift + I to toggle between
Marquee Rectangle / Circle Marquee M Shift + I to toggle between
Notes Notes N  
Dodge / Burn / Saturate dOdge O Shift + O to togglge through
Path pAth P Shift + Pto togglge through
Quick Mask / View mask as selection Quick Mask Q Shift + Q to toggle between
Blur / Sharpen / Smudge bluR / shaRpen R Shift + R to togglge through
Rubber Stamp (Clone) / Pattern Stamp rubber Stamp S Shift + S to toggle between
Text Text T
Custom Shapes / Line tool cUstom U Shift + U to toggle through
Move moVe V
Magic Wand Wand W
Changeover / Exchange F/G & B/G colours Xchange X
History Brush / Art History Brush historY Y Shift + Y to toggle between
Zoom / Magnify Zoom Z
Options Bar
Brush Size decrease / increase (Use Square Brackets keys) [ or ]
Line Tool width decrease / increase (Use Square Brackets keys) [ or ]
Viewing & Navigating Keystroke
Fit to Screen Ctrl + 0 (Zero)
Fit to Maximum Size Tab, then F key, then Ctrl + 0 (Zero)
Zoom In Z + plus (+)
Zoom Out Z + minus (-)
View Actual Pixels (100% viewing) Ctrl + Alt + 0 (zero)
Zoom to specified area Ctrl + Space Bar + L. click, drag and draw
Scroll Up / Down Page Up / Page Down Keys
Menu Commands Aid to Memory Keystroke
Close Wipe Ctrl + W
Copy Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Xcise Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Deselect Deselect Ctrl + D
Fill from Foreground Colour Alt + Backspace
Fill from Background Colour Ctrl + Backspace
Filter - repeat last used Filter Ctrl + F
Free Transform Transform Ctrl + T
Inverse Selection Inverse Ctrl + Shift + I
Invert (neg/pos) Invert Ctrl + I
Layers - Merge Visible Eye Ctrl + Shift + E
Layer Mask - Hide All   Press Alt + click the Layer Mask icon
New Document New Ctrl + N
Open Open Ctrl + O (not Zero)
Undo / Redo Zap Ctrl + Z (toggle)
Multiple Undo - step backwards through the History Ctrl + Alt + Z
Multiple Redo - step forwards through the History Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Z
Reselect Crtl + Shift + D or Ctrl + Z
Select All select All Ctrl + A
Select Inverse Invert Ctrl + Shift + I
Rulers - show / hide Rulers Ctrl + R
Save Save Ctrl + S
Show / Hide 'Extras' - 'Marching Ants' Hide Ctrl + H (toggle)
Show / Hide Grid Ctrl + Alt + @
Show Crosshair / Brush Size (or tool icon) toggle Caps Lock key - toggle
Add to Selection Hold down Shift Key & drag
Subtract from Selection Hold down Alt Key & drag
Hide / Show Palettes & Tool Bar Tab Key - toggle


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