'Scrambled Picture'
because of
Wrong Monitor Resolution Settings

Clive R. Haynes FRPS

This situation can occur if you 'ask' the monitor to operate at a higher resolution than it was designed to do.

If after changing the resolution for the monitor display settings in the 'Display Properties' box, the image is 'scrambled' as a result, then:

Re start the computer and press the F8 (function) key during load at a point when the machine is beginning to load 'Windows 98'.
A menu is presented - choose 'Safe Mode'.
Wait whist the system chugs through a safe loading procedure.

When the 'desktop' is presented go to 'Active Desktop' (by right clicking the 'mouse' in the desktop area)
Or go via 'Start' >'Settings' > 'Control Panel' > 'Display'

In the 'Display Properties' box click on 'Settings', then choose the appropriate resolution setting for the monitor.
Shut down and re boot system, all should then be OK.

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