How to Make a Pastel-Looking Image
Using White Layers


Clive R. Haynes FRPS

Alternative Method

As above, create one or two white-filled layers and set to 'Soft Light' Blend Mode

Without applying a Layer Mask, use a suitable Brush and with Black as the Foreground Colour, 'paint' directly onto the white-fill layer(s).

To selectively add more pastel white fill, create another Soft Light Layer and use the Brush to paint in white to the intensity you require.  Use either a Layer Mask or paint with Black to edit.

If required adjust the Layer opacity

Note:  Swapping the Foreground Colour to Black will intensify the tone and reduce the pastel effect. If you're not using a Layer Mask then swapping to Black gives a similar but not quite the same result.

This delightful bowery arch is at Spetchley Gardens, near Worcester, UK

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