Making 'Lightning' continued

Clive R. Haynes FRPS

To view the lightning that is hidden amongst the 'clouds':
Go to Image > Adjust >
Set Input Level to amount 245.
And numerous 'bolts of lightning' appear
Sometimes the appearance of the 'lightning' can be enhanced if it has a slight blue tinge.
Go to:
Image > Adjust > Hue & Saturation.

Tick the 'Colorize' box, then
Set the Hue slider to around 225
You may need to use the Lightning image again sometime, so save it.
Look at the various 'lightning' shapes and find a likely piece of 'lightning' and with the rectangular marquee tool, make a rough selection around it. Don't worry if you include unwanted bits - these can be removed later.
Edit > Copy
Adding the Lightning

Open the scene to which the lightning is to be added.

Edit > Paste.

The lightning appears on the scene, however, it's still surrounded by black.
To eliminate the black area, change the 'Blend Mode' of the layer to 'Screen'. Do this by clicking on the drop-down arrow to the right of the word 'Normal' (situated below the Layer 'tab' - top LH of Layers Palette) and from the list that appears, choose 'Screen').

The 'lightning' now looks to be more the part.

Use the Edit > Transform menu to rotate and shape the 'lightning' to the correct position.

Use a 'Layer Mask' to remove unwanted sections of 'lightning and to create an effective merge with the scene.
(You could, of course, use the Eraser Tool but it's somewhat inflexible in use).

If you're unsure about Layer Masks', more info is available via the link below


Add more lightning bolts for more elaborate effects.

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