'Future History'
Paradox or Practicality?

Clive R. Haynes FRPS


This sounds paradoxical, yet, with the magic of 'Photoshop', it's entirely possible.

Note: If you are arriving at this page as a 'starting point' and you're uncertain about using 'History', it's options and the general operation of the 'History Brush', please click this link to the introductory page: History Brush.

To continue:
Work on an image and make changes such as a creative filter, swapping to monochrome (not Grayscale - as this is a change of 'Mode'), cloning, etc and make this interpretation the nominated 'History State', in the 'History Palette.

Return to a previous state; say the 'Opening' state.
When you begin to paint with the History Brush that 'future vision' of how the image was intended to appear will replace the original pixels in the image - magic eh? See below:


Above: Working on the image with a 'creative' filter and making it monochrome.
This will become the nominated (future) 'state'

Below: Beginning to 'paint' over the original (opening) image with the contents of the 'History Brush' set to a the 'future state'.
Applying the 'History Brush 'painting' to a fresh Layer is good practice as it will allow 'edits' and greater flexibility.

We next move on to the 'Painterly Ways' of the 'Art History Brush'
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The 'Art History Brush'

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