Starting Photography Level 1

This foundation-level course assumes no previous knowledge or experience in photography.

The course is broad-based and encourages participants to develop their photography through a series of practical excercises and discussions plus viewing examples of work.

The basics of camera equipment choice, simple useful accessories are also features of the course. The student will begin to understand the operation of the controls on the camera and how they relate to picture making. An understanding about 'what's in the frame' and the principles simple composition are introduced.
If possible, photo-outings to shoot pictures on location can be arranged

Photography Level 2

Entry to Level 2 is dependent upon having skills and knowledge appropriate to Level 1. If in doubt, contact the Clive Haynes for advice and guidance.

This course builds upon the learning gained in Starting Photography.
The participant will learn more about the camera and controlling exposure, what lens to choose and why, a closer look at composition and picture-making conventions, how to exploit the use of colour as both contrast & harmony.

Through discussion, practice and illustration, the participant will learn more about developing their own personal style and will be encouraged to improve his/her critical skills to improve picture making.

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