Biographical Information

I was born in Worcester and I've lived and worked in the City all of my life. I've traveled extensively and photography has extended the enjoyment gained from many travels and adventures. Both my wife Gill and I enjoy the ever expanding circle of friends that one can make through the medium of photography.

I am primarily interested in 'making pictures' by using photography as a medium of artistic expression. I enjoy the unique transposition of reality that photography affords, especially when combined with the techniques of multi-imaging, toning and hand-tinting.

For many years I've been a teacher of photography, I give talks and lectures, and my work includes the production of creative multi-projector AV programmes. My work appears on gallery walls and much of it is for sale.

Over the years I've used 'darkroom techniques', 'alternative methods' and explored 'sun printing'. I now use a digital camera, a computer and 'Photoshop' to produce my pictures.

I am a founder member of Infinity Plus, Fine Art Print Group and a member of 'Eyecon' - a UK Fine Art Photographic Group.
I've been privileged to be chairman of The Worcestershire Camera Club
three times.

In addition, I contribute to on-line groups such as Flickr. And as you can see, I'm also a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society.
I'm a member of the 'Conceptual & Contemporary' Fellowship and Associateship Distinction Panel of the RPS having previously been member of 'Fine Art' (Fellowship and Associateship) and LRPS panels. I'm also a past Chairman of the RPS Digital Imaging Group.

I'm also honoured to be recipient of the RPS Fenton Medal. An award made for an outstanding contribution to the work of The Royal Photographic Society.

I presented talks and workshops on Photoshop from a photographer's perspective for over 50 years.

My projected (PDI) presentations include 'Pandora's Photo-Box of Creativity' - a wide-ranging talk sparkling with ideas. In addition I have a monochrome presentation which includes a wealth of imagery which also embraces my enjoyment of infrared photography.

I make inventive audio-visual presentations and some feature as part of 'Pandora's Photo-Box'.

Together with my colleague, Martin Addison FRPS, I presented 'Foto-Synthesis' - a wide-ranging talk which included many fresh ideas and adventures in photography and digital imaging.

Martin and I have now largely retired from lecturing around the camera club circuit.

In addition, I use photography 'commercially' as I am frequently asked to illustrate books, supply 'library pictures' from my extensive photo-archive of Worcester.

Personal Interests
In addition to using photography as an artistic and creative medium, I am a local historian and use photography in this context. I have a photographic archive of the City of Worcester containing some 6,000 images. For some 35 years, I presented an AV show 'The Changing Face of Worcester' - all about the City's history and development. This large-scale AV, which evolved into a 7 projector, wide screen, computer-controlled presentation with specially commissioned music by Jon Moore, began with myself and my brother, Malcolm, during the late 1960's. Malcolm eventually withdrew from the project. I continued to up-date and present the show with my wife Gill who had been intimately involved with the production since the early 1970's. We gave our final showing in 1999 by which time over 60,000 people had seen the show. Our photographic archive of Worcester has been donated the the City and is in the process of being made available on-line for public access.

To find out more about my researches into Worcester history, visit my Worcester History Homepage.

I am the author of three local history books about Worcester and three videos on the same subject. I also broadcast on BBC local radio from time to time with features about the City's history.

Gill and I both enjoy music of all kinds from 'world music' to 'minimalism' and from early music and 'the classics' to jazz and 'creative adventures in rock'.

We enjoy exploring Britain and the Europe with our caravan. Our interests include the theatre, walking, swimming, reading and 'World Music.

Teaching & Courses
I continue to teach photography and digital imaging (Digital Camera / Photoshop) skills, which include
one-to-one tuition plus teach-ins and tuition for small groups.- to discover more about the courses I offer, click on the link below.

Also, for information about the Photoshop for Photographers courses I tutor at PermaJet (The Imaging Warehouse) click on this link: Photoshop for Photographers - PermaJet Academy. I also tutor the new Infrared Workshop at the PermaJet Academy.