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I'm often asked to recommend books to study or as a reference for Photoshop:
As a start, I suggest the titles below, they are a worthy set to make a selection from (not in any special sequence):
'The Photoshop CS Bible', by Deke McClelland (big reference book)
'Photoshop CS2 for Windows', by Elaine Weinmann, Peter Lourekas (Visual Quick Start Guide) - an excellent slim book that 'gets on with it'.

'Teach Yourself Visually Photoshop CS', by Mike Wooldrige ISBN 85555-87086
'Camera RAW with Adobe Photoshop CS2', by Bruce Fraser - excellent and essential reading for using 'RAW files' / 'Camera RAW'.
'Adobe Photoshop CS Studio Techniques', by Ben Willmore (misleading title - it's about many, many topics not studio techniques) - excellent book
'How to Cheat in Photoshop CS2', by Steve Caplin (lots of useful fixes and dodges - and it's fun too!)
'Photoshop CS for Photographers', by Martin Evening
Journals & Magazines

There are so many magazines that selecting a list is far from easy. I list just two below.
The two I have chosen are magazines that cover the needs of a range of readers and include 'how-to' techniques.
'Digital Photo Art': available by mail-order from: Arem Publishing.
Tel: 020 8686 3282.
'Digital Photo': available from newsagents or by mail-order: Digital Photo,:
Tel: 0870 124 1010
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